Chris Swierczewski

University of Washington
Department of Applied Mathematics
Box 353925
Seattle, WA 98195-3925
Office: Lewis Hall 304

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I am working with Bernard Deconinck on the theory and computation of Abelian functions. My primary goal is to provide the infrastructure to make Abelian functions as computationally accessible as trigonometric and hyperbolic functions thus allowing experimental advances in non-linear waves, combinatorial optimization, complex analysis, number theory, and algebra. Since all Abelian functions can be written in terms of homogenous rational functions of the Riemann theta function, Riemann theta functions are one focus of my research. I also examine algebraic-geometric methods for constructing periodic solutions to integrable nonlinear partial differential equations.

In particular I hope to accomplish the following in my Ph.D research:

This work is a continuation of the work by a previous student of Bernard’s, Matt Patterson.